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Breaking In: Laying The Foundation Vol. 1

Breaking In: Laying The Foundation Vol. 1

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Breaking In: Laying The Foundation Vol. 1 is an aspiring actors guide to becoming a self-starter. Rich highlights key components in developing the necessary mindset and strategies for breaking into the entertainment industry as an actor from a current actor's perspective.

Rich Morrow

Recently portrayed future NFL superstar “Michael Irvin” in the Dwayne Johnson comedy series YOUNG ROCK for NBC and appeared in the feature JOHN HENRY as the young version of the title character played by Terry Crews, which debuted to #1 on Netflix. He was recently seen opposite Halston Sage in the comedy feature THE LIST for Universal, wrapped a spot in the upcoming third season of the Emmy-winning comedy series HACKS, and co-stars in the indie MEETING MS. LEIGH. His additional credits include the David Fincher drama series MINDHUNTER opposite Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany for Netflix as well as THE FUGITIVE with Kiefer Sutherland for Quibi. A former Division I NCAA basketball player standing at 6’2”, Rich is also a top Sports & Fitness model who’s appeared in campaigns for Nike, Adidas, Sprite, Gatorade and various other major athletic brands.

 The book "Breaking In: Laying The Foundation Vol. 1" promises to help you achieve the following transformations:

Mindset Transformation:

  • From a dreamer to a doer: The book emphasizes the importance of taking action and putting in the work to achieve your goals in the acting industry.
  • Developing a self-starter mentality: You'll learn to be proactive and take control of your acting career, building a solid foundation for success.

Skillset Transformation:

  • Building a strong acting portfolio: The book will guide you on creating a professional portfolio that showcases your talent and helps you land acting opportunities.
  • Developing a business perspective: You'll gain valuable insights into the entertainment industry, learning how to approach it as a business to maximize your success.

Strategic Transformation:

  • Creating a clear career plan: You'll learn to define your goals and develop a strategic roadmap to achieve them.
  • Understanding the importance of self-awareness: The book will encourage you to explore your motivations and how they can fuel your acting journey.

Overall Transformation:

  • From a passive aspiring actor to an active and empowered individual who is prepared to navigate the entertainment industry with a clear vision and effective strategies.

Important Caveat:

The book emphasizes that the results depend on your commitment and effort. The provided knowledge will only be effective if you actively apply it.

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