About Us

The Midwest Way is a for profit start up with the vision to create a circle of love by being a bridge to connect people to random acts of love, information and resources one heart at a time.

Our Mission is to create a movement and a culture of service being the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus to help meet immediate needs one heart at a time.

We currently have two products to help us raise capital to grow the business and perform Random Acts of Love. A portion of every purchase goes to Random Acts of Love.

Our products:
Midwest Way T-Shirts
Apparel featuring the Midwest Way brand.
Ain’t No Way Like The Midwest Way® with many more to come.
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Midwest Gourmet Sauce
Ain’t No Way Like The Midwest Gourmet Sauce WayOrganic, Everything Sauce. It’s Tangy, Sweet with a hint of Heat 👅😋🔥coming soon…
It’s in the incubator stage to bring to market.

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We strive to be a debt free company and leverage our profits and Circle of Love Village to accomplish our mission and vision. We are just getting started so come along for the journey. As we pursue our dreams and what’s been placed on our hearts as our life’s purpose. We ain’t perfect and will not always get things right but our heart is in the right place.

Types of immediate needs (Randoms Acts of Love) but not limited to:

  • Youth Programming
  • Meals
  • Personal Care Services
  • Bill Payments
  • Education Needs
  • Auto Repairs
  • Circle with a Heart in the Center 

    Some people are one Random Act of Love away from their life being changed for the better.

    If you are the type of person that just wants to help and don’t care about a tax write off, don’t want to fill out paperwork and deal with any BS*#% and you want to support financially, and or provide resources, a helping hand then we would love your help!

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    Share our story with others that are likeminded and we can partner and figure out ways to help and support one another. We are still evolving our operating practices and have a lot to learn to be in this space but we’re ready for the journey. We know the right people and resources will come along to support the movement.

    Join our Movement Circle of Love Village