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5 Effective Ways To Make A Decision

5 Effective Ways To Make A Decision

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If you have a hard time making decisions for yourself, you may be Disconnected from within. Having a foundational system in place to make decisions will provide ways to get back to yourself, to come to know you, your needs and wants so that you will have an easier time making decisions.

This E-book will HELP you MAKE these TRANSFORMATIONS:

1. Make Better Decisions.
2. Have a solid Foundation (Blueprint) to make decisions.
3. Take Action.
4. Trust Yourself (within).
5. Live a life of No Regrets.
6. Move Forward.
7. Eliminates the fear of making the wrong decision.
8. Have a resource to add to toolkit.
9. Eliminates Analysis Paralysis.
10. Eliminates the stress of making a decision 
11. Indecisive to Decisive. 
12. Strengthen your Intuition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nataliya Kasimtseva
Indecisive to Decisive!

Perfect tool to escape “analysis paralysis”. Purposeful, practical and clear strategies to aid decision making. Flipping the coin was my favorite - it doesn’t always have to be hard! Some things are brilliantly simple!
I recommend this book.

Natasha R.
Effective Tool

For any of us out there that sometimes get stuck in our own head when trying to make a decision this book is a simple, quick effective read that can give you the tools to help make deciding less painful. I highly recommend!

Rich Morrow

It was great and straight to the point. I think it offers tangible ways for people to make tough decisions.


I appreciate how the methods are clearly and succinctly laid out. A lot of coaches and advice books/articles go on ad nauseam. This gets to the heart of things and jumps right in to the “how” and the “why”. A very good read with extremely useful information and methods to make a decision and stick with it.

Kamara Licea
Additional layer of Wisdom

Selina writes from the heart and it’s clear in her writing. Using scriptures and applying them to practical decision making adds an additional layer of wisdom that we all can use these days.